5 Ways to Be a Confident Entrepreneur with Humility and Grace During Turbulent Times

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and has been gaining some serious traction since the start of the great recession and is now full speed ahead as we navigate the difficult times of a COVID economy. As we look at the world around us, things are changing! Technology makes it easier than ever before to start businesses that leverage social media channels putting them on the entrepreneurial fast track and financial independence. As society continues to embrace the lavish lifestyles of celebrity entrepreneurs in main stream media, it’s equally imperative to recognize the role of humility and grace in an ever growing competitive marketplace.  

We all want to identify with a leader, specifically one we can trust. It is important to remember humble entrepreneurs are honest with their strengths, but also their weaknesses. They’re transparent and accessible. Compelling leaders are able to focus on where they are going, but never forget where they came from. 

Here are 5 ways that will help you embrace humility and grace as a confident, successful entrepreneur: 

1. Show Appreciation

When you take care of your people, your people take care of you. This speaks true for both employees and customers. It’s no coincidence why some of the most successful companies in today’s marketplace always make the top lists of places to work and continue to break revenue goals year after year. When employees feel appreciated, it trickles down to affect the customer. Showing appreciation to everyone who contributes to the success of your business will produce amazing end results. 

2. Say “Thank You”

Never underestimate the power of saying thank you. It is one of the most underutilized phrases in business today. Expressing gratitude creates a sense of motivation. When you thank someone, it is a humble but significant way of recognizing their contributions and efforts. Thank you creates lasting relationships built on trust. Interconnecting is key in today’s environment. 

3. Tame Your Ego

Learning to manage your ego can make the difference between people perceiving you as an approachable, humble person or a conceited, egotistical individual. You may be asking yourself why this matters, but the answer to this question is simple. The entrepreneur space is crowded. Your network is your net-worth in today’s new economy. People do business with those they know, like and trust. If people perceive you as someone they can’t tolerate in their circle, you are eliminating new opportunities day in and day out. Entrepreneurs by nature are competitive, want more and are always looking to rise above the rest. Learn to channel that energy into a positive, non-threatening personality. 

4. Pay It Forward

Stay focused on your vision path but, don’t forget where you came from. As you embark or continue on your journey as an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to reach down and pull someone up the ladder, just as those did who helped you along the way. What better way of giving back, than helping out those who are in need of money, time, services or advice. When you operate with the heart of a servant, success will find you. 

5. Be Approachable and Coachable

As an entrepreneur and leader, when climbing the ladder of success, it is vital to remain approachable and open to constructive feedback from mentors who have helped build your business to what it is today. A true leader is approachable and makes people feel at ease and comfortable. When people feel comfortable, they are more inclined to connect, communicate and work together without experiencing the fear of retribution. The most successful entrepreneurs have the ability to listen more than they speak. When you become an excellent listener, you give people the opportunity to speak and seek feedback. Most importantly, you give off the message that you value what your people have to say. That in itself helps separate the good leaders, from the great leaders. 

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Maintaining a humble spirit when you are first starting out can be relatively easy, the challenge comes when success pounds on your door and demands your attention. Successful entrepreneurs focus on building a solid foundation by embodying humility and grace in their many endeavors. There’s an old saying that goes, “Never burn a bridge you might want to cross over.” The same is true in leadership, appreciating the front lines people through a humble servant’s heart will keep the negative targets off your back.