– A Closer Look At Chris Diaz –

My name is Chris Diaz, and first of all, I want to say thank you for taking time out to visit my website.

I’m a successful business man who has a specific expertise or “knack” for establishing and building strong relationships with people. I truly believe that for anyone to make this kind of long-lasting personal connection, the other person must not only know and like you, but they must trust you. Trust is a very powerful component that can open doors too many opportunities not only in business, but in your own life as well.

My motto: Trust first, money later. If you think about this, this motto applies perfectly to any type of business, big or small. If someone doesn’t trust you or trust in what they are thinking of buying with their hard-earned money, they won’t make that transaction. Many entrepreneurs or those struggling in business fail to do this correctly. They ask for a sale before any type of trust is established. This fails almost every time. I still believe, in a world that’s bombarded by ads and social media, that rubbing bellies and shaking hands with real people still works beautifully when it comes to lasting success.

Now, with that being said, you’re probably wondering: “Who exactly is this guy?” or “What’s your credentials?”. These are great questions, so let’s dive into them right now….

My journey to success (in both life and business) began in a very humble way. I became an orphan when I was 18. My grandmother raised me, but unfortunately the “Big C” (cancer) took her from my life much too soon. As I’ve moved through life, I’ve managed to make the right connections with people, and these personal connections have paid off in huge ways. I’ve made millions of dollars in sales (in various forms) since I was 18 and I’ve never stopped.

Here’s just a few of the ways I did it…

  • I’ve worked for some of the largest banks in the USA. I rapidly rose up the rankings thanks to my personal drive and ambition, hard work, and of course, making the right personal connections with people.
  • I’ve owned my very own real estate finance business and had massive success, to then lose it all at the young age of only 25 due to the Great Recession of 2008. This put me on the verge of bankruptcy, and also left me broke and even homeless. Despite it all, I never gave up and pushed forward.
  • I bounced back and got back into real estate sales and investing. This time, with even greater success. This included teaching others how to use real estate as a wealth-building vehicle to help set them financially free. I believe real estate is the “new wealth”. If you can master it, it can take your own wealth to unbelievable new highs.
  • I’ve helped consult and teach Chiropractors how to run the business development side of their own practices. This included unique ways to help them increase their overall revenues and profits by making some subtle shifts in the way they worked with current and potential new clients.
  • I have run the sales organizations for a commercial pipe restoration company, which I happened to be the #1 top-producing sales rep who currently holds the largest account in the company’s entire history.
  • Sales and Entrepreneurship go hand and glove. I took my years of experience and currently own ( With My Biz Partner) a commercial pipe restoration business which operates on a national level What the mind can believe, it can achieve!

Despite my love and passion for the work I do, I couldn’t do it all without the love and support from my partner-in-crime Julie and our beautiful daughter Tori. And of course, I can’t leave out our beloved fur babies Carmine the Bulldog and the fat Pug named Gus.

Besides my work and family life, I’m a person who loves a great book. And I’ll admit, I also enjoy some of the finer things in life that I’ve worked very hard for, including traveling to exotic locations, playing golf, smoking the occasional cigar, diving into my passion for fast cars and boats – AND one of my very favorite things – being a self-proclaimed FOODIE. Yes, I love great food!

Between my passion for my work, my family and my own personal interests, I feel like this gives me the knowledge and expertise to help others in business in a very positive way. I love to give back, and I love to watch as others achieve greatness thanks to my help, guidance and support.